Pullman Plant Materials Center
  • Pullman Plant Materials Center

Pullman Plant Materials Center

Full Project Name: Pullman Plant Materials Center Design/Building

Location: Pullman, Washington

Agency: USDA – NRCS

Contract ID: 12SPEC18C0003

Verdis is the prime contractor, project manager, civil engineer, landscape architect and planner for a design/build of a 3,500 square foot new office building for the USDA/NRCS Washington Plant Materials Center in Pullman, Washington. The building and landscape design will meet the ARS Facilities Design Standards and will be a sustainable design following the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings in addition to adhering to all local and state codes. Verdis is responsible for all project management, reports, calculations, construction cost estimates, construction quality drawings of landscape and civil site improvements, and O&M Manuals. As the prime contractor, Verdis will be responsible for site superintendence, project management, coordinating and monitoring inspections, record keeping, reporting and quality control.

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